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Explore The Bahamas

The Bahamas has always been a popular tourist destination because of its beautiful beaches, sea, welcoming people, and also because of its proximity to the United States.  Not only will you find everything you are looking for on a tropical vacation, but you won’t have to spend a fortune on airfare or even hotels.  There are affordable and non-stop flights from Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Charlotte, Atlanta, Miami and even London!  Many of the airline deals you will find will even offer you discounts on hotels or packages that include a stay in a local hotel.   Below is a brief guide to help you get the most out of your trip to the beautiful islands of the Bahamas.

When To Go

The most popular time to visit The Bahamas is in the winter and early spring when it is still cold up North and people are looking for a chance to escape the frigid temperatures.  While the winter can be a great time to see The Bahamas, the summer and fall are wonderful times as well and because there are fewer tourists at these times of year, the prices are even cheaper.  In spite of the threat of Hurricane season, the summer is perhaps the most beautiful time in The Bahamas.  The water is picturesque, the weather, though hot, is not too humid and there isn’t a lot of wind.  In the wintertime you may have more wind, which can make your beach days less enchanting.


The weather in The Bahamas can be erratic, just as it is anywhere else.  The rainy season is usually in August and September.  The winters are characteristically windy, but sunny.  The springs are usually hot and sunny, with perhaps the most consistent streaks of good weather.

What to Wear

Bring your beach clothes and a sunhat.  Also you may want some nice clothes to go out at night and be sure to always pack a sweater.  You never know when you might get a cold front or a bit of wind.

Places to Visit

In Nassau:

The Atlantis Resort for water parks, gambling, dining and more!

Ardastra Gardens Zoo (for those traveling with children)

The Bay Street Straw Market

Other Islands to Visit:

All of the family islands are beautiful and less cosmopolitan than Nassau.  The pace is slower and the people even friendlier.  There are over 700 islands in The Bahamas, so the list is long, but the favorites are:

Harbour Island


Staniel Cay


The Abacos


Long Island

Cat Island


One of the most beautiful beaches is Pink Sands on Harbour Island, but The Bahamas is known for its beautiful beaches, so there are plenty that are worth seeing –just about everywhere you look!


You will find all sorts of different cuisine from around the world, but true Bahamian cuisine celebrates fresh, local seafood and fried dishes.  Chicken is also a main staple in Bahamian dishes.  Be sure to try the signature peas n’ rice!


You will find big name brands all along Bay Street in downtown Nassau and also in the shops at Atlantis.  If you are looking for more local shopping, you will want to check out the Straw Market on Bay Street or any of the smaller shops off the main road.  In the out islands, you will find more authentic Bahamian goods.


The Bahamas has the Bahamian dollar (or B dollar), and it is pegged directly to the US dollar.  US currency is accepted everywhere as well.



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