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Buying Local Boosts the Economy

Buying local is an increasingly popular choice that many shoppers are making these days. You see billboards, websites and television commercials promoting local shopping and spending. There are experts out there studying the effects of supporting local businesses and how it helps the economy. The good news is that buying local does boost the economy and it’s time you started focusing more on shopping local.

When you buy local more money stays in your community. If you buy produce from a local farmers market rather than at a supermarket, your money is not only supporting that local farmer, but he in turn uses that money to sustain his farm and family and makes other purchases within the community. The money keeps flowing throughout the community rather than being sent out to the owners and headquarters of big businesses.

Local businesses also provide more local employment. They hire people from the community and usually pay higher wages than big national chains. There are also stronger relationships being made when customers are buying from people they know. Buying local means you are buying from your friends and neighbors. Therefore, stronger relationships are formed and you have greater loyalty from both the customer and the employees. When strong relationships are formed the customers will keep coming back and their money will continue to be spent within the community and help boost the economy.

Another reason that buying local helps to boost the economy is that they provide more unique services and products. There is more competition do to the variety of products offered. Customers have more options to choose from and the competition helps to keep prices down. The more local businesses you have, the more variety and competition you will also have. National chains all carry the same products from store to store. Nearly every Walmart is exactly the same and you know what you will find when you go there. Local businesses are all different and provide a more unique shopping experience.

When you take the time to consider buying local you will find that it is a win-win situation for everyone involved. The customer has more of a variety of unique things to buy. The local business makes more money. The local economy has more money flowing through it and helps to sustain the local community. By choosing to shop local the money you spend helps more people than you think.

Supporting local business has such a huge impact on our local economy, and community. Can you imagine what it would be like without the local businesses? What a pity it would be!

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