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What We Learnt About Restaurants

One of the things I enjoy the most on weekends is that I do not have to cook. We are travellers, we like experiencing new things, new cultures and new traditions. So, weekends are the best because we travel from town to town, visiting historical or cultural sites, and testing some new restaurants. We decided to take a tour through the greater Johannesburg region, therefore getting to experience the diversity in the restaurants Johannesburg. There is so much in the country, and one day maybe in the world, that we like to see and experience, but nothing does and will ever come close to our favourite, restaurants.

We are people, we need food to live and survive. Why not make it as interesting as it possibly can be by trying something different every time? Yes, we do have our individual, personal favourite foods, but we also do not want to eat that all of the time – no matter how much we like it and how much we have had of it. So we like to travel around in and around the country and not only experience the vast tastes and types of food, but also the way they are served: the culture, the heritage and the tradition.

You may notice that many of the smaller towns and areas tend to be more traditional and cultural than the bigger town and cities. There are some smaller, secluded parts in and around Gauteng; we discovered this on our recent restaurants Johannesburg trip, and these often make for the best traditional or cultural soul food, mainly because the people living in these towns and areas are motivated and driven to keep their culture and tradition going, and are adamant that it gets passed down to all of their youngsters so that they, in turn, can relive it and pass it down to their youngsters.

One of the areas we visited during our restaurants Johannesburg trip were so secluded and so independent that they do not want any people in their “village” or town, if they are not approved. Should someone want to go stay there, they would need the approval of the rest of the town. Were they to move in without the town residents’ permission, well, let’s just say that they would be dealt with. Anyway, this town had set up a traditional themed restaurant, especially for the tourists. And it is here when I had the best chicken I have ever had in my life. Not because the chicken itself was good, but because of the cultural and traditional stories and experience that came with it.

What I am trying to say is this: you do not have to have one of the best foods in town to have the best restaurant in town, there is so much more that goes with a meal. And ultimately, the people coming to dine at your restaurant will remember you hospitality, your stories, your culture and tradition, and how you made them feel – great.

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