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What Makes a Real Fine Dining Experience?

A fine dining experience is not just about top quality food. Going to a restaurant is about the experience, the atmosphere, attention to detail by wait staff, enjoyable conversation and sharing a meal with others. Having the best chef means a lot less if you have dirty glasses or inattentive service. Creating a perfect fine dining experience can be difficult as it means a lot more than just good food.

When you are out at a restaurant, there are a lot of thing that a server can do that will make or break your night out. From the moment they walk over the waiter should be able to read the table’s ‘mood’. Figuring out if a party of diners is a talkative bunch or looking for a more intimate service is crucial to making the table feel comfortable and to prevent the inevitable complaining as soon as the server turns their back. There is nothing worse when enjoying a conversation than the waiter interrupting and launching straight into introductions and the specials on the menu. A server who can pick up a table’s vibe already has the advantage in making a great night.

Attention to detail is important. At a fine dining restaurant, you might not even notice how good the service is until after you have finished. Small things the servers do, like taking your plates away as soon as you have finished with them, discretely replacing cutlery between courses and wine glasses being consistently refilled. They aren’t the things that you actively think about, but a good restaurant will know that your experience can be hampered by dirty plates cluttering a table and waiting with growing impatience for drinks.

A restaurant is meant to be a social experience, so encouraging conversation and making it easy for people to converse is crucial. The atmosphere of a room is incredibly important. Tables situated too close together with a lot of noise can make it difficult for a group to hear one another. This coupled with an intrusive server can interrupt the natural flow of conversation which becomes more and more noticeable throughout an evening.

With the right atmosphere and attentive staff, the food at a restaurant becomes the focus. Small, detailed portions with a wealth of interesting flavours will leave patrons wanting more.

There is nothing quite like a great night restaurant; the content feeling that lasts all evening and the experience shared with those who joined you; a perfect night of conversation in the best atmosphere over a great meal. A fine dining experience will stay with you a long time after the evening is over, and, if it is done right, you will want to repeat the night as soon as possible.

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