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Sushi Wabi

Wabi “The meaning of wabi”

Traditional Japanese products have a special quality about them that attracts the viewer on both a conscious and sub conscious level. This magnetic appeal is both sensual and spiritual, and therefore affects, at least to some degree, people who have had no training at all in aesthetics and are not known for their sensitivity to beauty.

Part of the sensual spiritual appeal that has traditionally been built into Japanese homes and products of all kinds is bound up in the word “wabi” which translates as “quiet of tranquil” with a strong connotation on refined simplicity. One of the most important words in the aesthetic vocabulary of the Japanese, wabi is an essential element in everything Japanese-whether a scene, a shape, size, accessory, decoration, tool, utensil, or whatever, and Japanese know instantly if an object has the wabi look.

You will feel the wabi aesthetic in everything when visiting sushi wabi. It’s in the music, the room design, the lighting, the service, and in the artfully prepared sushi. Sushi Wabi is proud of its non-materialistic and simple approach in the dining experience.

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